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UDK 343.97:004                                                 

DOI: 10.15507/VMU.024.201403.042



P. V. Malyshkin.
(Associate professor of Law chair, Ogarev Mordovia State University, Kovylkino campus (Russia, Kovylkino, 26 Zheljabova Str.), Candidate of Sciences (PhD) degree holder in Law, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)


The article reveals the importance of effectiveness of countermeasures against resistance to investigation. It should be noted that dominating usage of criminal staging does not assume nonapplication of other concealing measures with use of information technologies. They are in use too, but much more seldom than staging. Besides, hacker attacks, made for distracting from a committed crime, obtain currency. One of countermeasures against investigation is concealing measures with use of information technologies, such as imitation of technical malfunction. Information technologies develop, and so do the concealing measures. One of peculiarities of computer crimes is the fact that the way and the mechanism of committing of it usually includes actions, aimed at concealing of the crime, in the first instance, hiding of a fact of a crime. The article also deals with other concealing measures with use of information technologies.

Keywords: resistance to crime investigations, crimes committed with the use of information technologies, ways of concealing crimes, criminal staging.


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