Engineering Technologies and Systems

Peer-Reviewed Scientific Journal

Founded in 1990.
The Journal was established by the 28 September 1989 resolution of the Russian Federation State Committee on Higher Education of RSFSR No. 05-1832-1516/83 on publishing of Mordovia University Bulletin. Since 2019, the Mordovia University Bulletin journal has changed its name to Engineering Technologies and Systems (in Russian: Inzhenernyye tekhnologii i sistemy).

“Engineering Technologies and Systems” Journal accepts unpublished earlier original research results promoting the development of science in the field of engineering system and technologies. The journal is included in the List of the leading peer-reviewed scientific journals and publications, where basic scientific results of dissertations for the degrees of Doctor and Candidate of Sciences in scientific specialties and their respective branches of science should be published (Higher Attestation Commission under the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation):

Instruments and Methods of Experimental Physics


Electrophysics, Electrophysical Installations

Friction and Wear in Machines

Gardening, Olericulture, Viticulture and Medicinal Plants

Technologies, Machinery and Equipment for Agroindustrial Complex

Electrotechnologies, Electrical Equipment and Power Supply of Agroindustrial Complex

In order to permit complex expert evaluation, all manuscripts undergo double-blind peer review. All reviewers are acknowledged experts on the subject of peer-reviewed materials. The reviews are stored at the Journal’s editorial office for a period of five years. Reviews (or a substantiated rejection) are forwarded by the Editorial Board to the author(s) of the submitted article. Reviews are also forwarded on request to the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation.

Founder and Publisher: Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education “National Research Ogarev Mordovia State University” (68/1 Bolshevistskaya Str., 430005 Saransk, Republic of Mordovia, Russia).

Periodicity: Quarterly. 

The Journal is included in the List of peer reviewed scientific journals published by the Higher Attestation Commission in which major research results from the dissertations of Candidates of Sciences (Cand.Sc.) and Doctor of Science (D.Sc.) degrees are to be published.

The Journal is a member of OASPA, CrossRef, COPE and Association of Scientific Editors and Publishers.

The journal is indexed and archived in:

The Journal is distributed throughout the Russian Federation and other countries.

The languages of publication are Russian and English.

The subscription to the journal is available through the Ural-Press Agency (index 70539) and the Kniga-Service Agency (index Е70539).

Please note!
The Editorial Board does not provide any paid or agency services. Editorial Board does not work with intermediaries. Articles are accepted only directly from their authors. All publications in the journal are free. No fast track publication service is available.
The Journal does not publish conference materials. The Editorial Board does not organise scientific conferences.
The Editorial Board does not accept manuscripts simultaneously submitted to other publications or works that fully or partially replicate any previously published works. Duplicate publications are subject to retraction (withdrawal from the press) in case of detection.


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