Position: Professor of the Chair of Тechnical Оperation of Тransport, Ryazan State Agrotechnological University, Dr.Sci. (Engr.) (Ryazan, Russian Federation).

Specialty: friction and wear in machines.

Researcher ID: I-9948-2017

Scopus ID: 57193747036

ORCID: 0000-0001-9761-6183

Russian Index of Science Citation ID: 137325

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Area of Scientific Interest: 
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Area of Scientific Interest: mechanical engineering technology, repair, maintenance, tribology.

Contribution: А. A. Simdiankin has considerable experience in research of mechanical engineering technology, repair and maintenance, and tribology. He is a member of three dissertation councils of universities, an expert of federal target programs and an expert of the Russian Academy of Sciences. He is the author of 252 scientific and educational works, including 54 authorship certificates and patents.

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