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UDK 339.137.2:338.46:656.2/.4                                                

DOI: 10.15507/VMU.024.201403.180



D. I. Dolgov
(Associate professor of Prodaction management chair of Economics faculty, Evsev’jev Mordovia State Pedagogical Institute (Russia, Saransk, 11 a Studencheskaja Str.), Candidate of Science (PhD) degree holder in Economics, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)


Relevance of the topic lies in the fact that concept organization is the ability to reliably maintain their competitiveness, i.e. it is real and potential surpass their rivals in a variety of settings, constantly improving key business processes. The category of «concept» in relation to the company can be defined as the possibility of effective economic activity, providing a profitable sale of goods and services in a competitive market. This implementation provides the whole complex of existing enterprise assets. Production and sales of goods and services concept - a general indicator of the viability of the company, its ability to effectively use organizational, industrial, financial, social potentials. As a consequence, concept company has special advantages over their competitors. Concept product - 1) characteristic of a product having a certain share of the relevant market, which characterizes the degree of compliance with the technical and functional, economic and other characteristics of goods to the requirements of consumers, determines the market share of this product, and prevents the redistribution of the market in favor of other goods; 2) a set of technical, quality and cost performance products to address the specific needs of buyer. Concept is the product range of consumer and value properties which gives it a commercial success, thus it provides it means to be profitably exchanged for cash or other assets in the context of widespread supply and availability of countertypes. Currently technique is a logical set of formulas and graphs that are interconnected and used to solve certain issues. The paper presents a method of estimating concept railway enterprises.

Keywords: methodology, evaluation, concept, enterprise, tank wagon.


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