Article submission guidelines

Abstracts (author’s summary) for academic articles in journal.
In Russian article has brief (up to 10 lines) abstract, containing its originality, main methods and recommendations.
In English should be supplied abstract with short summary of original academic article of bigger volume.
Author’s abstract can be published stand-alone, without basic article, thus it should be clear without reading of the whole article. Author’s abstract in English should have translation into Russian.

Characteristics of English-language abstracts
Abstract should make clear essence of research.
With an abstract reader should be able to determine if there is necessity for retrieval of full article for receiving of detailed information.
Author’s summary is the main data source in Russian and foreign information systems and journal indexing data bases.
Author’s summary is available free at journal’s site at Internet and is indexed by web search engines.
Abstract in English is included into English-language article information block posted on English-language version of journal’s site. It is indexed by citation index systems.
Abstract should contain substantial facts of research, should not exaggerate or contain material absenting in original publication.
Abstract structure, repeating structure of an article and containing introduction, tasks and objectives, methods, results and conclusions, would be asset.
Subject, theme and objectives are pointed out only if they are not clear from article name; methodology is viable to descript in case it has originality or it is of concern in the context of research.
Results of work should be described maximally precisely and informatively. There are listed main theoretic and experimental results, measurement data, discovered objective laws and correlations. New results, long-term value data, important discoveries, conclusions denying existing theories, data with practical use importance are preferred.
Conclusions can be accompanied by recommendations, estimations, suggestions, hypotheses described in article.
Details, contained in article title, should not be repeated in the text of abstract.
You should avoid irrelevant general words (ex.: “author of the article considers…”). Historical backgrounds, if they do not make main subject of the article, description of works, published before and conventional facts are not placed in abstracts.
Abstract should be written in technical register, it should avoid complex grammar constructions.
Abstract is recommended to contain key words from the text of the article.
Text of abstract should be laconical and clear, free from unimportant information, irrelevant general words and insignificant wordings.
Text of abstract should be coherent; ideas stated should follow from each other.
Abbreviations and shorthands should, apart from conventional ones, be used in exceptional cases or there must be given full form and definition on first use in abstract.
In abstract there is not references to number of issue in references list.
Abstract extent is determined by contents of article (information extent, their academic value and/or practical importance), but it must not be less than 100-250 words.
Abstract includes:
1. Objectives briefly. Historical background of an issue can be supplied only if it is tied with objectives.
2. When shortly stating basic facts, it is necessary to remember next rules:
- It is necessary to follow the chronology of the article and go by its headlines;
- Do not include minor particulars;
- You write for competent audience so You can use technical (special) terminology of Your discipline, clearly exposing your point of view and not to forget about the fact You write for international audience;
- Text should be coherent. You should use such words as “consequently”, “moreover”, “for example”, “the benefits of this study”, “s a result” etc. or connect different theses with logical bond;
- You should use active voice, not passive, e.g. “The study tested” instead of “It was tested in this study”;
- Writing language should be compact (dense), thus sentences would tend to be more long.

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