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UDK 62-3:621.646

DOI: 10.15507/0236-2910.026.201602.228-245



Vladimir A. Skryabin (professor of Mechanical Engineering Chair, Mechanical Engineering and Transport Faculty, Penza State University (40, Krasnaya St., Penza, Russia), Dr.Sci (Engineering), ORCID: orcid.org/0000-0001-7156-9198, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)


Introduction. In production and repairs of pipeline armature grinding (debugging) is considered as one of the major technological operations. The main task is the providing of impermeability of breech-block. Whatever problems did not arise up in the achievement of impermeability, diagnosis of reason, practically, always one - the process of grinding in of fine surfaces is well not enough conducted. There is a large stake of truth in such answer, however, its not all and problem not only in grinding in. Grinding in is the finish operation of polishing of compressions and effective of its application depends not only on the exact observance of the recommended terms and modes of process. A major value of the the stages is the forming of quality and preceding to grinding in of the operation of treatment of compressions. If prior actions are executed off grade, then efficiency of realization of portable radio operations of grinding in will be.
Materials and Methods. To the article a growing requirement is driven in the improvement of quality, increment of productivity and increment of longevity and reliability of machines and wares. The process of grinding (polishing) in allows to get the surfaces of processed details with high quality descriptions. Quality of implementation of finishing operation is estimated on following criteria: it is exactly in size, it is an error of form, they are indices of waviness of surface, indices of roughness of surface, the light reflecting ability and quality descriptions of surface layer. For renewal of corps of wedge bolt by a main task providing of impermeability of breech-block. For its implementation hard requirements are produced, namely; a small roughness of surface, form and location. Thus fine surface of corps of wedge bolt must be homogeneous.
Results. In order to attain the set roughness of fine surface, the trajectory of motion of instrument must have certain character. Because on this machine-tool a receipt of preset parameter of quality on all area of the processed surface is the main task of instrument accomplishing difficult rotatory motion that consists of: main motion is this rotation of disk on that instrument, is envisaged, directly from an engine; motion providing even treatment is this rotation of instrument about the axis. For the decision of this task the trajectory of motion of instrument is determined and a calculation is executed on determination of angulator of instrumental head.
Discussion and Conclusions. Results conducted theoretical and experimental research method of treatment of sealing surfaces, and also developed on the basis of recommendation on the choice of the effective mode and conditions treatment allowed to modernize the technological process of the abrasive polishing. Thus, application of the modernized technology (finishing operation with difficult motion of instrument relatively processed surfaces) as compared to base provides the achievement of parameter roughness of Ra = 0,08 micrometer. The obtained data testify the possibility of wide application method of finishing treatment of surfaces for the once-personal types of repair plug-forming.

Keywords: parameters of quality, renewal of corps of wedge bolt, trajectory of motion of instrument, angulator of instrumental head 

For citation: Skryabin VА. The processing steps in the renew of plug-forming details of pipeline fittings. Vestnik Mordovskogo universiteta = Mordovia University Bulletin. 2016; 2(26):228-245. DOI: 10.15507/0236-2910.026.201602.228-245


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