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UDK 620.22:678.742.2:66.094.942

DOI: 10.15507/0236-2910.026.201602.211-217



Samir A. Hamouda
( professor of Department of Physics of Faculty of Science, University of Benghazi (Benghazi, Libya), Ph.D. (Physics), ORCID: orcid.org/0000-0002-9958-0257, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)


Compton profile measurement of Tungsten polycrystalline sample has been performed with 662 KeV γ-radiation from a cesium-137 source scattered at 900. The Spectrometer calibration and data corrections for the high energy experiment are discussed. The data are compared with the augmented-plane-wave (APW) band theoretical Compton profile of Tungsten. Theoretical predictions show the band theory overestimates the momentum density at low momenta and underestimates it at intermediate momenta. The discrepancies between experiment and theory were attributed to some non-local exchange-correlation effects and the spin-orbital interaction effect which were neglected in the theoretical calculation.

Keywords: high energy gamma-ray spectroscopy, methods and technologies, characterization techniques, modelling and materials theory, compton scattering, and detection techniques 

For citation: Hamouda SA. Gamma-ray compton spectroscopy of tungsten using 662 keV gamma-ray radiation. Vestnik Mordovskogo universiteta = Mordovia University Bulletin. 2016; 2(26):211-217. DOI: 10.15507/0236-2910.026.201602.211-217 

Acknowledgements: I would like to express my gratitude to the Compton group at the University of Warwick for providing the data reduction software package used in this work, and to Dr. M. J. Cooper for his fruitful discussions about this work. 


Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License
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