University postgraduate education
Doctor of Technical Sciences 
Full professor 


First Vice-Rector

Head of academic сhair (chair of machines technical service)



Upon graduation with honours from the Faculty of Mechanisation of Agriculture in 1975 he continued with the same university in the capacity of a research engineer. Upon successful completion of the graduate school at Technological Research Institute in Moscow defended his thesis in 1982. Since 1986 he has been combining administrative work with academic and research activities: in 1986 was appointed deputy Dean, in 1991 Dean of the Faculty, in 1996 designated for the post of Director of Mechanics and Power Engineering Institute. In 1997 for his contribution into academic work and preparation of the university teaching staff he was conferred an academic title of professor. In 2000 he successfully defended his Doctoral dissertation.

Headed the Centre for development and implementation of advanced technologies of repair of machine parts and supervised the fulfillment of research project ordered by RF Ministry of Education. From 1999 to 2003 occupied the position of a deputy of the local City Hall in the Republic of Mordovia. In 2005 was conferred the title of academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences and the European Academy of Natural Sciences. In 2006 he fulfilled the duties of Vice-Rector for Innovative Activity.

Research interests, publications:

Problems of reliability of repaired agricultural machinery. Supervised 2 doctoral dissertations and 10 thesises in technical sciences. Published over 160 items of research and academic work including 4 monographs, 6 course books approved and recommended for higher school by RF Ministry of Agriculture.


Certificate of Merit from State Assembly of the Republic of Mordovia, Certificate of Merit from RF Ministry of Agriculture, Medal "Best Sons and Daughters of Russia", Medal "100 Years of Trade Unions of Russia". Letters of Gratitude from Head of the Republic of Mordovia, RF Ministry of Agriculture. Included as a personality in the encyclopedia "Best People of Russia".

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