D.Sc. (Biology), Professor, Head of Forest Industry Chair, Bartin University (Turkey, Bartin).

Academician of RANH.

Professional interests:physiological and biochemical mechanisms of plant resistance to environmental stress factors, formation of professional competences of students in the process of implementing federal state educational standards of higher education


 1964 - Moscow Timiryazev Agricultural Academy, Graduate Agronomist.
1973 – PhD thesis (Biology) "The study of the stability of grapes during storage."
1992 - D.Sc. thesis (Biology) "Regulation of adaptive functions of plants during salinization".


2012 - Nobel Medal for a contribution to the development of inventions, Russian Academy of Natural History.
2012 - Founder of Scientific School Honorary Title, Russian Academy of Natural History.
2012 – Vavilov Medal for outstanding work in the field of genetics, plant breeding and plant growing, Russian Academy of Natural History
2012 - Vernadsky Medal for success in the development of science, Russian Academy of Natural Sciences

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